Heraldry is not only a major traditional art, it is also highly codified and regulated. For  individuals and families interested in commissioning, obtaining or registering a coat of arms, the option may exist to use of the services of the following authorities:

  • UK College of Arms (England and Australia)
  • Court of Lord Lyon (Scotland)
  • Canadian Heraldic Authority (Canada)

However, only citizens of these countries (England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Australia) or direct descendants may use the services of these authorities, and the process is both time-consuming, constraining and expensive.

To provide official and expert assistance throughout the heraldic process of registering existing coats of arms the Intergovernmental College of Arms (and Traditional Societies) is in a position to offer the following services:

  • Initial consultation with requester or registrant
  • Finalization of registered arms in the form of an elaborated designed and presented Grant of Arms (Letter Patent), under the authority of the Head of a Royal House
  • Additional legal services such as international trademark registration
  • Production, upon request, of associated material such as decorative shields, ex-libris, signet rings, and plates.

Please use our request for service form to initiate the process or request more information.

Last modified: February 21, 2020