Eastern Europea
Traditional Societies and Eastern Orthodoxy
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Tolkien Influence
The Lord of the Rings as a Vector of Traditional Revival
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Associations of Castle and Manor Owners as Traditional Societies

Manors and Castles

Associations of Castle and Manor Owners: Guardians of Tradition and Heritage The preservation of cultural heritage and historical estates is not merely an act of nostalgia but a profound...

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The Talmont Memorial Association: Honoring a Vendéen Hero

Feudal Societies, France, Nobility, Traditional Societies

In the heart of France’s Vendée region, an area steeped in rich history and tumultuous pasts, the Prince of Talmont Memorial Association dedicates its efforts to honoring Antoine Philippe de...

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Tracing Roots: The Significance of Family Trees in Traditional Societies

Ancestry, Ancient Documents, Feudal Societies, Heraldry, Native Cultures, Nobility, Traditional Arts, Traditional Societies

Introduction In traditional societies around the world, family trees have played a vital role in preserving history, culture, and social connections. They are intricate webs of relationships that...

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The Lord of Manor: Tracing Its Historical Roots and Modern Significance in the United Kingdom

Ancient Documents, College of Arms, Commonwealth, Feudal Societies, Manor, Nobility, United Kingdom

Introduction In the United Kingdom, the title “Lord of Manor” carries a sense of nobility and ownership, harking back to a bygone era. Its origins can be traced back to medieval times...

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Traditional Societies and Eastern Orthodoxy


Eastern (also called Greek) Orthodox Christianity, which is related but not identical with the Orthodox Church. In many ways, Orthodox Christianity is the ultimate traditional society as is best...

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Noblesse Oblige – Nobility as a Traditional Society

Heraldry, Nobility

“Nobility” is mainly a European and medieval concept, one associated with the monarchical and feudal system. Historically, “nobility” really exists as a privileged legal...

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Ecclesiastical Heraldry: Between Tradition and Compromise

Catholic Church, Ecclesiastical Heraldry, Heraldry

It may be argued that the origins of the ecclesiastical heraldry hark all the way back to the New Testament. After all, symbols of faith such as the cross of Jesus Christ or the keys of St. Peter, in...

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“The Last Samourai” or the demise of Japan as a Traditional Society

Japan, Uncategorized

The movie “The last samurai” featuring Tom Cruise has been acclaimed as one of his best performances as well as a tremendous and moving depiction of traditional Japanese societies at the end of...

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Monasteries as Traditional Societies

Greece, Orthodox Church

As a CBS documentary remarked, life has not changed on Mount Athos for a thousand years. Indeed, the flag of the Byzantine Empire still flies over the ancient fortresses that have been built over...

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